4,539 Miles: Chapter 3

Not that any of these videos ever really do the adventures they try to capture justice; but in addition to that, Anne does a much better job of documenting Day 7 and Day 8 on her blog.

A few of my favorites…

4,539 Miles: Chapter 2

This chapter starts in Dinosaur National Monument… and actually took us from Utah, to Colorado, back to Utah — and then in to Colorado again (Day 3). After swinging through Steamboat and camping at Summit Lake (Day 4), we repeated that nonsense by going from Colorado, to Wyoming and then back to Colorado (Day 5)… only to go back to Wyoming and finish out the drive to Missouri on I-80 (Day 6).

4,539 Miles: Chapter 1

This part of the trip took us from Southern California up through Utah to the Northwest border of Colorado to start our next leg through Dinosaur National Monument. Includes Day 1 and Day 2 from earlier blog posts.

Seth’s Blog: Three things to keep in mind about your reputation

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, but what most people do is make no impression at all.

Source: Seth’s Blog: Three things to keep in mind about your reputation

Day 15

Day 15 threw the agenda out the window and instead packed in a lot of driving, a bunch of epic scenery, and some good eats. Did I mention a lot of driving?

We went from Nevada to Mono Lake. Then to Mammoth by way the “lake loop” and out to the Devil’s Pitch Pile. Then back to Mammoth and into Bishop for some grub at Burger Barn. And finally, from Bishop to home along the 395. We got in bed that night around midnight. But worth it.

*Next up will be the video… but it’s going to take awhile. We had six people shooting this trip.

Day 14

Today got a mixed response from the group on beauty… but it was eventful nonetheless. The drive took us from Sun Valley close to the California border through Nevada and along Hwy 50 (“loneliest highway in America”). In route we came across Middlegate and stopped there for some steaks and beers before finding camp that night in the dark.

Day 13

Today was the only “no travel” day of the trip. We spent it relaxing, four-wheeling, hiking and fishing. It was awesome.

View from "Boulder"
View from “Boulder”