Day 4

We left Dinosaur and the desert for the conifers and aspens of the Continental Divide above Steamboat Springs. It was nice to do a little less driving in exchange for relaxation and fly fishing. 

Day 3

Today we cruised through Utah and into Colorado… Then back into Utah and into Colorado again. Not the most direct route, but worth it. 

Day 2

Today was another mostly made up of tarmac. On the bright side, our time on pavement is limited and our camping spot tonight is epic. Combined with fish tacos for dinner, it feels like we’re in Baja.

Day 1

Today we had an easy drive to SW Utah to check out Toquerville Falls and camp. The trip has officially started!

We’re at it again…

We’re at it again. Another several-thousand-mile road trip lies ahead of us. And true to form, we invite you to follow along. Should be fun.

Unbroken Ground by Patagonia

“These people, these farmers that were working with, these fishermen… their eyes are wide-open.” -Yvon

PNW July 2016